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Consuming JSON Strings in SQL Server. (It reads a json file of 540 name\value pairs and creates the SQL hierarchy table in 4 seconds).

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Returns the approximate result for COUNT(DISTINCT expression).Hi Experts, I am looking for the SQL Query to Count Distict values in a field where the vaule appears more than 5 times.

In part 2 of this series we are going to explore the process of getting data out of a SQL database and in to a usable JSON.Difference between distinct count() and count. bcoz it counts only distinct values. 2)now, select distinct count.

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Since SQL API works on JSON values,. the following query returns the count of values as a.

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However, giving larger values of n will reduce scalability of this operator and may substantially increase query execution time or cause the query to fail.

Join Bill Weinman for an in-depth discussion in this video, Aggregating DISTINCT values, part of SQL Essential Training.

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Below is code example that can be used when you need to get Count of Distinct values in a.

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SQL COUNT() with GROUP by: The use of COUNT() function in conjunction with GROUP BY is useful for characterizing our data under various groupings.

Counting distinct within various groups. Options.I do not know exactly what your requirement is, but I must say, I have come across a need for counting rows with distinct values on a single column, but I have not.SQL COUNT() with DISTINCT: SQL COUNT() function with DISTINCT clause eliminates the repetitive appearance of a same data.

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The result of the query contains one row for each distinct set of values in the named.

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JSON AUTO would make quick work of this in but JSON support is available only in SQL Server.